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About Sun Fun Games - A Brief Histroy of Our Games

When I first started making games I made a game about a guy looking for his brother. It was an adventure sort of game where you walked around differnt screens and interacted with things. Only about 3 screens were ever finished and that game is now lost.

Later on I made a game called Jiminy and later Jiminy 2. They were platform games where you went around shooting things, Jiminny 2 was never finished. I then started making Jiminny 3D, which wasn't really 3D and was barely done. It looked pretty cool though, a title screen and an intro were all that were completed.

Somtime later I made a platform game called Rampaging Squirrels where you played as Bucky the squirrel or his sister Fluffy. The player went around shooting lizards and birds (a lot of gameplay was copied from Jazz Jackrabbit 2). It was really no better then Jiminny 2. I never finished it.

At the same time I made a game called Ball Catch in which the player was at a baseball game and had to catch all the foul balls. It was finished but it was pretty dumb.

Agent 75 was another game I started, all I ever made for it was a title screen, menus and a tiny playable bit.

Drew the Kangaroo was started after I got Earthworm Jim and decided to make a game in its image. Surprise, surprise it was never finished either.

Army Frog, now that was a game I had done quite a bit on, I made a training course, a menu, a title screen and a playable level. It was a platform game that was like an FPS. The player was a frog man who had to kill toads. Of course I never finished it.

Much later I started a game called Muncher, it was kinda cool. This was a platform game where the player had to shoot green balls at yellow people who would spit.

Fight The Glory was an RTS game I started which was soon abandoned owing how dificult it was to make.

Finally I made and finished a game called Billy's Adventure, it is a platform game that can be downloaded in the games section. Thats about all the old games I have made that are worth mentioning. These days I make games of much better quailty and l sometimes actually get them finished (we live in hope).

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