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Welcome to the homepage of Sun Fun Games interactive entertainment. We prouduce freeware games for your PC. Go to about to learn about our history and learn about some old crappy games to show how it all started. Go to games to download our latest games and to learn about ones in prouduction.

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29th of July 2004

Erm no updates in a while. Just posting to say something is coming in the distant future ;)

30th of April 2004

For all those babies I've added a walkthrough for Timothy Lande. Only use it if you want to spoil all the fun.

8th of March 2004

A new game is out called Timothy Lande. Its a point and click cartoon adventure. Check it out in the games section!

21st of February 2004

As I said I was starting a new arcade game. It sort of turned into a point and click adventure. Its going really smoothly and people have offered help so T.E.L.X will not be abandoned just put on temporary hiatus. I have got a preview and a demo of my new point and click adventure in the games section.

8th of February 2004

Hi haven't said much in a while have I. Well just to let you know I'm not dead. Anyway I am working on a small arcade game that will be out soon! No this does not mean T.E.L.X is cancelled this arcade game will be a small just for fun game so don't worry.

17th of January 2004

Okay so maybe its not quite my birthday (it was on the 12th) but here is a treat anyway. I can't edit my webpage at the moment but these are some pics I drew:

10th of January 2004

Ah Happy uh late new year. Yeah get an early Merry Christmas and an a late happy new year sorry. Anyway I've added a news archive so you can still read all the old newsey goodness (thats a word right?). Well anway... I've put "Billy's Adventure" in the classics section seeing as its pretty old (2002) almost 2 years. And I've added various other little things! Yeah and TELX is going sweet. I'll add some more concept art maybe soon. Well it will be my Birthday on the 12th. I have a special treat for you on that day! Just wait and see! Well bye for now! Have a great new year and stuff!

30th of December 2003

I'm thinking of reprograming the engine in T.E.L.X so it will run alot smoother and provide a much better gameplay experince.

17th of December 2003

Merry (early) Christmas everyone. I have finished my christmas special A Crazy Christmas Carol you can download it in the Misc Section. Plus as a bonus holiday treat you can download Blue Bird Christmas Special which I made last year (its not as good as the new one). And if that weren't enough I had also added an old comic I made to the art gallery in the misc section! Well thats quite an update so be thankful.

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