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Timothy Lande Walkthrough

From your position on the cliff go down to the beach and pick up some TNT from the big pile. Now talk to the man on the beach and keep talking until he gives you a magnifiying glass with no lense. Go behind the fence to the Cafe. Try to pick up the rock you will get some yellow gooey stuff. Also break the TNT on the rock to get the explosive powder. Go inside the Cafe and swap your goo with John's cheese. Now use the cheese on the mouse hole. Now you have a magnet. Use it on the garbage bin outside. Now use the key to open the Kitchen door inside the cafe. Tap the window and pick up the empty shaker and string which fall down. Use the explosive powder in the shaker. Now swap your shaker ful of gun powder with the shaker next to the woman. Go out of the kitchen and use the pepper on the man at the table. Now get his monicle. Go back to the beach. Put your monocle into the magnifying glass frame and pick up some more TNT. Put it in the tree and use the magnifying glass on it. Now pick up the sword and use it on the plank. Use the plank on the water. Now use the string on the ocean around you. Use your new rope on the sword. Now use your rope sword on the island you need to get too.

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